About Cheap Property Spain Ltd

The Concept

Cheap Property in Spain makes buying in Spain easier by listing property in Spain for over 20 estate agents listed thoughout the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Alicante regions. Spain has over 320 days of sunny days each year.

Spain has many properties from Apartments to Luxury Villas ranging for 45,000 Euros to over 25 Million!

Buying in Spain is made easy and Cheap Property Spain will help you all the way through to completion finding your ideal property in Spain.

If you have any questions buying property in Spain then send us an email or call and we will help you with any questions you may have or concerns when buying property in Spain.

With over 45 milllion visitors to Spain each year it's a great investment to buy a property in Spain for holiday rentals or long term lets. Helping to build your worldwide property portfolio.

Cheap Property Spain has architects who have built some of the most desirable properties in Spain and can build your dream villa/townouse or even a major devolopment of apartments in Spain.

The Team

Wayne Johnson, Owner of Cheap Property Spain Ltd - Wayne has 20 years experience of website development and real estate website design. He created the Icon CRM Client Management System for fast and reliable client lead handling. He has lived in Spain’s Costa del Sol for 7 years, working in real estate sector for the majority of his time there. Now headquartered in UK, Essex, Braintree he continually updates the website, increasing its functionality, its property listings growth as well as handling any technical issues in the company. He provides valuable, consulting, advice and expertise on a variety of areas, from IT, Marketing, Human Resources and Strategic Direction within CPS.

Darren Carter - Partner of Cheap Property Spain Ltd - Darren has been in Spain since 2003, working in real estate predominantly in the Costa Blanca region. He has UK Marketing Degree from Plymouth University. He works with investors, funds, and single unit family home buyers. He also owns the company, Goldberg and Partners, and dedicates time to clients from both CPS and Goldberg. He has built custom designed homes for international clients, and has experience in all parts of the sales buying process. He provides good contacts with lawyers, architects, banks, foreign exchange companies to facilitate an easy, honest, professional service for you. His languages are English and Spanish.

Cheap Property Spain Ltd is a registered UK company, in companies house number - 8267525




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